Unforgettable parties!...




Birthday Parties for kids & teens and CORPORATE TEAM BUILDING EVENTS.


THE PAINTBALL PARTY PLACE is the safest and coolest venue for your family's Bday Party or Fun Day.

Created BY parents and designed FOR parents and THEIR PEACE OF MIND. Our forest is 100% PRIVATE AND SAFE (and also beautiful).

This Bday Party will be your family's best memory... (and your friends' too!).


We had my son's 13th birthday party at the Paintball Party Place it was amazing. We loved the family atmosphere. The best thing is that you have the whole place to yourselves, no other party at the same time. The price is worth the experience and fun. We recommend it to everyone. Customer service is the best!


If you are looking for a private paint balling place to enjoy a birthday party or just for family fun with your kids and friends without the crowds this is the perfect place. My 10 year old son and his friends with dads had a blast! The service we received from Kenneth and his sons was amazing! My son can’t stop thanking us for such a fun birthday party!


Had a great party for my boys & their friends. Everyone had a wonderful time. We loved having the place to ourselves! Kenny & his boys are very friendly and run a smooth event. Highly recommend!


My boys attended a birthday party here and it was such a wonderful experience. The owner is strict with the kids when it comes to the rules to ensure the safety of all. My boys have not stopped talking about all the fun they had even if there were a few tears from a shot


We had our son's 13th birthday party this past weekend... I can't say enough about how great it was and the overall experience. This Family Team runs an extremely efficient party and makes everyone feel comfortable. They made sure that the players took a break, got hydrated, and was ready to go again. We played many rounds of paintball and when that was over, the kids moved onto volleyball. It was awesome. Private location with enough space to spread out and have a nice day. If you are looking for something great to do as a family, team building, or birthday party, this is definitely place. As a side note, the weather forecast wasn't looking too great for the day, and on the very day, there was still an option to reschedule the party without any money loss... not many places will do that for you. Like i said... great place, great people, and great experience.


My kids could not sleep that night! It was the coolest Bday party ever. Thank you Kenny & Gaby!


Came here for a 10 year old’s birthday party and it was perfect! The kids had a blast as well as the adults. The playing field is large enough to fit 20 people comfortably and probably around 30 if it’s just young children playing. Lots of trees which gave it a really cool woodland feel that also made for good cover to hide behind. Spectators also had a great view of the whole field behind protective netting. The paintballs are also not made of real paint which i thought was really neat and safe especially for young children. Overall great place and we all had a great time! Highly recommend!



You will enjoy 3 HOURS of safe fun and THE ENTIRE FACILITY FOR YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. This Bday Party will be your family's best memory

The game happens under the shade of our 105 adult Lychee-Nut trees, for a very realistic experience. It is a beautiful forest, just a few minutes from home. A completely different paintball experience. KIDS LOVE IT! ...and the family too!

Our entire facility is a gated property exclusively reserved for your party. A very spacious venue for any party celebration and for the actual game. 100% PRIVATE!


Our field has been designed with KIDS in mind (12 and up). Although paintball is a fun & safe sport, our staff will be always and constantly monitoring their safety. A highly trained referee will host and be with your players during the entire party.

Your booking will include everything you and your 20 playing guests will need for a 3 hour event full of fun. Our “UP-TO 20 PLAYERS” package, includes the following:

° Up to 20 players (4 teams of 5 players) 3 hours of game field: you can play many short or long games until you use all the included paint (ammunition). If you need more paint to be used within your 3 hours, there will be more available for purchase. ° 6000 rounds - more than enough for many games within 3 hours. ° All the necessary equipment to play well protected ° An experienced referee/host for constant safety monitoring ° Paintball marker (we do not like calling it a gun) ° 20x 20oz CO2 tanks (fully loaded) ° Protecting full-face mask (disinfected, for personal use - cannot be shared) ° Chest Protector ° A 30x20 party tent with lights and available power ° A 12 ft table (picnic style) - Bring your cake, food & beverages (No alcohol permitted) We recommend LOTS of water for rehydration. ° FREE ENTRANCE to all party guests (non-players) ° RAIN or SHINE policy ° Entire gated facility for your party (100% private) ° Free parking (outside the facility)


1. Can adults play too?

Yes. Adults and children 12 and up can play. You have 20 (non sharable) sets of equipment. You decide who those 20 players are.

2. Can another (extra) person use one of the 20 players' equipment?

Regretfully not.

3. Can siblings or family members share equipment?

Regretfully not.

4. Can younger children play?

Children 12 and up are permitted to play

5. Is it ok to bring a tent? Is there electricity for a fan or should we bring a generator?

We do provide a large tent (20x30) and a 12 ft picnic table. However, if you would like to bring a small 10x10 tent, that would be no problem. Also, we do provide an electricity outlet for a fan or a bluetooth speaker.

6. Is it ok to bring a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, a small bluetooth speaker is ok.

7. Do parents or guests have to sign a waiver?

Any guest that will be one of your 20 players need to sign a waiver.

8. How long do 6000 rounds usually last? Also, if we want to buy more rounds, can we do it that day?

6000 rounds is PLENTY to last all the 3 hours. However, in the event that you may need more rounds (which we doubt) you will be able to purchase more.

FREE - 200 extra paintballs!

Send us your name and number within 30 minutes of your visit and we will ad 200 rounds to your reservation!

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